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CSI/CHPC recognizes the strain that some of the other chiropractic managed care plans have put on the chiropractic profession. It is our goal to help chiropractors succeed through our reasonable plans, as well as through value added services available only to CSI/CHPC providers. Those services include fully tax deductible life, health and disability insurance, as well as other benefits.


We also have access to low cost, high quality malpractice insurance in California. These products are receiving rave reviews from our providers and are saving them thousands of dollars.

The tax deductible benefits are available through a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association that we have set-up for network providers.

VEBAs are used by many unions and large self insured employers to deliver benefits to their members and employees. Now you can access the same type of high quality group benefits, that many of your patients have, for yourself, your employees and all dependents - and reduce your taxes by 100% of the cost!

These benefits include fully tax deductible spending accounts for Dependant Care and Unreimbursed Medical expenses. You or your employees can tax deduct 100% of the cost of day care/baby sitting and other non-educational expenses.

If you would like to access these benefits without joining the managed care panels, you can join the Allied Independent Health Professionals Guild
for a quarterly charge of $100.00 per quarter. This will give you membership only in the VEBA for access to tax deductible insurance and financial benefits for you and your staff.