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CHPC AND CHIROSOURCE have been involved in the effective management of chiropractic claims for over 26 years. Much of that extensive experience has been in servicing public employee trust funds. Our long history with this type of business has allowed us to develop systems that are responsive to the special needs of public employee health plans.

Back and neck pain are the most common causes of pain among all medical conditions and they are the most common cause of medical claims. Chiropractic has been proven to be a safe and effective option for treating many of the causes of back and neck pain. Chiropractic is also a very popular benefit that is widely in demand.

The CHPC and ChiroSource chiropractic benefit management program can increase the value of your benefit package for a relatively modest price. If your plan already covers chiropractic, CHPC and ChiroSource can usually provide equal or better benefits for less.

Chiropractic benefits managed by CHPC and ChiroSource can help make your employees healthier and more productive. At rates that are usually less than 1% of the medical premium costs, the CHPC and ChiroSource benefit can help you add or enhance a popular health care service that has also been proven to help reduce medical expenses related to back and neck pain.

While chiropractic benefits have, in the past, been the source of excessive claims, well managed chiropractic benefits through CHPC and ChiroSource allow public employers to cover chiropractic and greatly minimize the risk of excessive utilization or claims.

If your benefits are arranged through a broker, consultant or TPA, CHPC and ChiroSource can work with them to integrate our chiropractic benefit management programs into your benefit package.

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