The Allied Independent Health Professionals Guild (AIHPG) is a non-political association formed for the purpose of helping health care professionals improve the performance of the business side of their practices. The AIHPG sponsors have worked with chiropractors for 20 years in the managed care field and have seen great potential for chiropractors to improve their business operations.

Health care professionals from all disciplines have dedicated their lives to honing their health care skills and serving the needs of their patients. It is often difficult for providers of health care to balance the demands of providing quality care with the demands of running a business. Let’s face it, even the most basic business classes were not included in your education. State and national professional associations are more focused on the clinical and political issues facing their members, and rightly so.

By joining AIHPG, you can access the best tools for gaining control of your business and set yourself free to provide the best possible care to your patients. The AIHPG is here to help you run a more efficient business and secure your financial future.

AIHPG will evaluate products and services for our members and only offer those products which we believe are the best. Through the strength of our membership we will negotiate favorable prices for our members.

In that spirit, our first offering is participation in the AIHPG Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA). Through the VEBA, you can access fully tax deductible insurance benefits (life, health, disability and others) and financial benefits for you, your employees and all dependents. Furthermore there are great tax advantages available to employers that participate in VEBAs. AIHPG has partnered with HR Companies of Dallas Texas to assist our members in maximizing the advantages available through the VEBA. HR representatives have worked with health care professionals for many years and have had great success building and protecting their client’s wealth through VEBAs and tax/financial planning.

AIHPG is currently evaluating internet based services, practice management software and malpractice / liability insurance packages for our members.

If you join ChiroSource, Inc. or Chiropractic Health Plan of California, you automatically have access to AIHPG benefits for no additional membership fee.

If you do not wish to participate in the CSI or CHPC managed care plans, but would like to join AIHPG only, please complete the brief AIHPG Application Questionnaire and the AIHPG Participation Agreement. There is a membership fee of $100.00 per quarter if you choose to participate with only AIHPG. If you pay for a full year up front, the fee is only $300.00 per year.