At CHPC/CSI, we understand that your credibility is on the line when you bring new vendors to your employee benefit clients. Rest assured: we value our relationships with brokers and consultants, and work hard to protect and enhance your integrity.

Naturally, commissions are available to brokers and consultants who introduce our services to their clients. Commissions are paid within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter. The amount and type of commission are dependent upon the type(s) of service(s) the client purchases.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there a minimum group size for enrollment in programs available through CHPC/CSI?
A. CHPC/CSI provide certain services to groups of any size. We prefer to work with groups of 500 or more. If your agency has several smaller groups, we can consider all groups from a single agency as one group.

Q.How do I request a quote?
A. There are three ways to obtain a quote:

  1. Call us at: (800) 995-2442
  2.  Submit a request for quote online (
  3. Fax your request for quote to: (925) 844-3124

Whenever possible, please provide any type of chiropractic claims experience or utilization data that you may have.