The success of any organization is directly linked to the health and productivity of its members. We know that chiropractic benefits through CHPC/CSI can help your members enjoy optimum health and improved productivity, which has the added advantage of reducing claims expenses for prescription medications, physical therapy, surgery and similar categories.

The bottom line: CHPC/CSI can save your benefit plan up to 73% on chiropractic expenses while ensuring your members receive effective treatment.

CHPC and ChiroSource have a long history of working with self-insurance plans through brokers, consultants, JPAs and trust funds. We have extensive experience serving the unique needs of public entities and union welfare benefit plans. In addition to our chiropractic experience and expertise, we are part of a larger family of companies that offers exceptional services for other types physical medicine, behavioral health, wellness and EAP plans as well as a full service third party administrator.

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