At CHPC/CSI, we supply our network of chiropractors to most of the large PPOs in the country, as well as several school districts and third-party administrators. Our PPO clients represent over 80 million members nationwide. Because of the large number of chiropractors we represent, CHPC/CSI has, in most cases, negotiated higher fee schedules for our providers than our clients offer to directly contracted providers.

As stated previously, all CHPC/CSI clients have delegated credentialing responsibility to us. What does that mean to you? Simplicity! With a single CHPC/CSI application and periodic re-credentialing, you have access to all of our clients without having to comply with the individual credentialing requirements of each PPO. This saves you and your staff many hours of work that you would otherwise spend responding to credentialing and re-credentialing requests.

Additionally, we have dedicated contacts at each PPO for handling claims issues – another advantage of our size and experience.