You know as well as we do: some chiropractic managed care programs are better than others. Unfortunately, the bad ones put a strain on the entire profession – which is why we at CHPC/CSI focus on the good ones. We want to help chiropractors succeed through our reasonable plans and by offering value-added services available only to our providers, including fully tax-deductible life, health and disability insurance, low-cost malpractice insurance in California and other benefits.

These products are receiving rave reviews from our providers and are saving them thousands of dollars. The tax-deductible benefits are available through a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) that we have setup for our network providers.

VEBAs are used by many unions and large self-insured employers to deliver benefits to their members and employees. Now you can access the same type of high-quality group benefits that many of your patients have for yourself, your employees and all dependents – and reduce your taxes by 100% of the cost! These benefits include fully tax-deductible spending accounts for dependent care and unreimbursed medical expenses, so you and your employees can deduct 100% of the cost of daycare/babysitting and other non-educational expenses.

If you would like to access these benefits without joining the managed care panels, you can join the Allied Independent Health Professionals Guild (AIHPG) for a quarterly charge of $100.00. This will give you membership only in the VEBA for access to tax-deductible insurance and financial benefits for you and your staff.