Why do so many chiropractic practices consider joining CHPC/CSI to be among their best business decisions? It comes down to our long-term experience in managed care and our understanding that, while discounts are important to payors, providers offer a valuable service and deserve to be appropriately paid. By focusing our business on PPO and self-insured plans, our providers can be compensated at much higher rates without the administrative nightmares associated with HMOs.

With today’s low HMO reimbursement, participation in PPOs through CHPC/CSI is a strategic way to balance the insurance mix of your practice. We’re your single source for over 30 national PPO plans, and since CHPC/CSI is a delegated credentialing source for all of our clients, you only need to fill out one application!

And our commitment to the success and efficiency of your practice doesn’t stop there. Our representatives often act as provider advocates, helping solve insurance claims issues and negotiating the most reasonable fee schedules.

The ideal CSI/CHPC provider offers quality chiropractic care based on reasonable clinical criteria and meets our rigorous credentialing standards. Our contracted chiropractors are among the most highly qualified in the country. In return for their commitment to quality and efficiency, our providers find CSI/CHPC’s utilization review requirements and fee schedules to be the fairest and reasonable in the industry.

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