Answers to commonly-asked questions about CHPC/CSI:

A: Through our contracts with most of the largest PPOs in the nation, over 80 million Americans potentially have access to our contracted chiropractors for health benefits, and over 50 million for workers’ compensation.

Most of our clients have no publicly available information on the geographic distribution of their insured lives. The best information available to us is provided in our membership application package. You can download an application by clicking here.

A: Collection of provider fees offsets costs associated with credentialing and provides funding for our marketing efforts to further expand your patient base. While some managed care companies might not collect fees up front, rest assured that they are collecting fees elsewhere – usually by taking 10%-40% of your claims, which costs you much more than our modest fee. Additionally, since we work with PPOs and not HMOs, our providers are paid about three times higher than what HMOs typically pay.

Consumers look to their health insurance plans for referrals because they will pay less money out of pocket and have better benefits. As a participating provider, you will become available for referral through all of the channels used by our clients (internet, mobile apps, printed directories and more.

A: Yes. The renewal fee varies by state, but it is approximately half of the cost of the initial application fee.

A: While there are certain situations when we will offer a discount on our initial fee, renewal fees are not negotiable. Please call (800) 995-2442 to inquire with a network development representative.

A: The entire application is returned, including payment. No processing fee is held.

A: Yes. Included with our application is an addendum, and all you need to do is sign up for the products that you want to participate in.

A: Fee schedules are available in the CHPC/CSI application. Please click here to download an application. In order to maximize your income, CHPC/CSI negotiates fee schedules with each client independently. Benefit structures are defined by each payor.

A: CHPC/CSI does not release provider names to anyone but CHPC/CSI clients and their members. We do not believe it is appropriate to ask our providers to interrupt their busy schedules for this purpose.

A: Most CHPC/CSI clients are now using 800 telephone and online provider searches. You can be available for referral through those electronic directories within 2 to 6 weeks from our receipt of your completed application. Printed provider directories are usually produced on an “as needed” basis by CHPC/CSI clients, with no specific issue date.

A: Just as CHPC/CSI cannot control the patient’s choice of provider, we cannot guarantee that patients will choose to be treated in your office.

A: CHPC/CSI does not assign geographic areas to providers in our PPO, EPO or POS programs; however, we do set maximums for every city in every state. Many HMO plans do assign specific areas to providers. In cases where assignment is given, existing providers are given priority.

A: The application approval process takes approximately one month, and approved applications are made effective on the 1st of each month following approval. Only complete applications will be considered. All others will be returned to you for completion. Please do not submit incomplete information!

A: As a participating provider, you must agree to accept assignment of insurance benefits. Upon approval of your application, CHPC/CSI will provide you with username and password for the Chiropractic Health Plan of California/ChiroSource Provider Manual which will explain how to verify eligibility, send claims and, if it is required, how to obtain authorization for treatment. The CHPC/CSI Initial Report is a very straightforward, single-page/single sided form that is reviewed by a chiropractor. If a patient requires additional care, there is an additional single-page Supplemental Report.

A: Chiropractic Health Plan of California (CHPC) was incorporated in 1986, as a regional chiropractic network in California, Nevada and Texas. The owners later founded ChiroSource, Inc. (CSI), incorporated in May of 1997.